Lord Somers Junior Camp - 2021

A final burst of sunshine at the end of February perfectly coincided with this year’s Junior camp down in Somers.

The exciting three day journey gave students (and teachers) a chance to get to know each other, and saw collaborations across specialist streams and year levels. It was fantastic to see different groups form, friendships fostered and a big burst of confidence gained. As a teacher it was also great to get to know the students outside of the usual classroom setting!

We all had the ability to try out some water sports such as kayaking and stand up paddleboarding and learn new skills in the screen printing classes and barista courses - even if that did result in a few too many milkshakes. If we weren’t already too full from our ‘practice cafe’ food, the chefs at Lord Somers prepared incredible food to help us refuel in the busy days.

Music and dance is never far away with VCASS students, using the downtime to enjoy ‘informal’ practice on melodicas and  kazoos or doing flips on the lawn. There were a couple of great performances with guest African drumming and dancing instructors and of course the (in)famous ‘Red Faces’ talent show where we see the best and silliest that our students have to offer. It was certainly a camp to remember!

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