LATEST OPEN DAY WRAP-UP 2019 | 08.05.2019


Over 480 people signed in as visitors to look around VCASS on our 2019 open day.

Some excerpts from our 2019 Open Day Principal’s address.

‘VCASS is an established school, we are now in our 41st year! Our school offers amazing opportunities for young arts students. We run Dance and Music programs from year 7-12 and we run an extension program for Theatre Arts and Visual Arts for year 11 and 12, which is a two year program. Our Dance, Music and Visual and Theatre Arts programs are world's best practice. The school’s unique structure and culture enables secondary age students to concentrate on Music, Dance, Visual and Theatre Arts without jeopardising academic success.

We believe in high standards, high expectations within a high care environment. VCASS consistently rates as a high performing academic school. Our VCE (Unit 3 and 4) results see us ranked among the top schools in the State for Victorian Certificate of Education achievement, matching the best schools in the country.

We are extremely proud of the diverse range of pathways that students at VCASS can and choose to  move on to. Wherever our students decide to go after their time at VCASS they will be innovative and creative young people, they will be able to problem solve and they will be able to collaborate. All those things you get from an arts education. So arts education is not just about the vocational streams, it’s also about the innate experience you get from studying the arts.

If anyone has a specific question about our school please visit our website or email your enquires to I would also like to encourage anyone to come along to one or more of our performances to see first hand the talent, dedication and diverse range of performance opportunities that VCASS offers its students.‘

Hilary Bland – Principal.

Some Open Day comments from our School Captains

‘I feel the support we have created and the family we have created here at VCASS has prepared us both mentally and physically for what the big wide world has in store for us, in any route we might take.’

Ronan Armstrong – Dance Captain

‘As Dance students we also have the opportunity to Choreograph throughout the Dance Program, especially in years 10 and 11 during our creative seasons where we put on an entire student driven performance. We choreograph it ourselves, we organize the lights, the music and the costumes, with valuable guidance from our teachers.’

Chelsea Stewart – Dance Captain

‘One of the amazing things about being at VCASS is that we also have the opportunity to learn from fellow students, because VCASS fosters an environment of collaboration and community. And ultimately being around people who are passionate and likeminded helps us to achieve more as individuals.’

Jessie Hillel – Music Captain

‘We have performance classes in addition to our private instrumental lessons and classroom music subjects, where we have the opportunity to perform once a week to our peers.’

Edmund Mantelli – Music Captain

‘Theatre Arts at VCASS really gets you to invest in yourself and your peers and it makes you be more resilient and be more confident and it grows your level of independence. I feel this is something that is not only a Theatre Arts skill but also a great life skill.’

Erin Herr - Theatre Arts Captain

‘The teachers that we have are some of the most incredible, most passionate people that I have ever met. They have industry experience and are always willing to answer any questions, not just with the Theatre curriculum but with every other aspect of your schooling, they are constantly there to support us.’

Amon Mether  - Theatre Arts Captain

‘We get to meet lots of professional Artists and Curators. We get curators taking us on tours of exhibitions offering interesting insights into the work, and in year 12 we each have a professional artist mentor, which is so unique and we don’t know if any other school offers that! The art teachers organise many workshops with Melbourne artist too and even artists flying in from different states to do workshops with us.’

Mia Alhassan and Zara Kimber - Visual Arts Captains


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