LATEST State Of Mind | 27.03.2019

State Of Mind

Year 12 Theatre Arts Company 2019 Music Theatre Performances

27 and 28 March 2019 @ 6 and 7pm

VCASS Recital Room
57 Miles Street, Southbank Victoria

State of mind picks through the trials of the high school student today and pauses to remind us how dynamic a road it can be. Through the lens of the new generation we unravel the ups and downs of Mental illness and rub the sheen off perceived perfection.

The actors maintained a strong presence in the ideas and creation of the piece, right down to the program artwork. Relevant, honest, brave and illuminating.

Turning musical theatre on its head, breaking rules and all the ‘should nots’ these actors bravely take on one of the most complex disciplines. Exploring the mediums of voice acting and dance to reach the audience in new and exciting ways.

Director/Choreographer: Ross Hannaford

Original Choreographic Arrangement: Tanya Mitford

Musical Director: Nick Hedger

Head of Theatre Arts: Christopher Button

Cover Art: Elizaveta Nemchinova, Year 12 Theatre Arts 2019

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