LATEST The Servant of Two Masters | 28.05.2019

The Servant of Two Masters

The story of a hungry servant who, upon realizing that working for two masters could ensure him a greater supply of food, tries to do the job of two men while working desperately to conceal that fact from both employers.

During a feast, a starving Truffaldino attempts to serve dinner to both his masters’ companies at the same time, without either group finding out (and desperately trying to have his own dinner as well!). 

A zany plot featuring lost love, mistaken identity, ravenous servants, and lots of letter mix-ups!

Presented by the Year 12 Theatre Studies company. 

Directed by Goran Banyai

28 and 30 May @ 6pm

The Victorian College of the Arts - Room G51

57 Miles Street, Southbank, Victoria. 

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