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Cameron Gilchrist Awarded the VJ Kelly Memorial Award

Please join us in congratulating Cameron Gilchrist from Year 10 being awarded the Australian Boy’s Choral Institute VJ Kelly Memorial Award.

Vincent Joseph Kelly was a school teacher with a lifelong interest in music and education. Known to the boys as Mr Kelly, VJ to their parents, and Vin to his friends, he founded the Australian Boys Choir in 1939 with the encouragement and support of influential musical colleagues. From that time he devoted his life to the advancement of the Choir. VJ continued as Director of the Choir until his death in 1972. For over 30 years, he was responsible for the musical direction of the Choir and, with others, the administration and management of the Choir’s affairs.

The VJ Kelly Memorial Award is given annually to a chorister who has embodied the ideals of the choir and is an exemplar to other boys.

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