LATEST NEWS | 22.08.2016

Ballet Teacher's Workshop

We congratulate the dancers who were finalists in the Ballet Teacher Workshop competition this past weekend.

Our students danced to their best ability and were a credit to the time and effort they put into their solos and coaching with the dance staff.

We acknowledge Janne Blanch, Fiona Munroe, Maggie Lorraine, Tim Harbour, Tim Storey and Steven McTaggart for their work with the numerous students over the last two terms and were proud to see the style and aplomb with which the students handled themselves.

In section C 12 - 13 years, we placed second with Milei Lee, third with Tara Newberry, and an Honorable mention to Abby Mayne.

In the Paul Hammond we placed first with Luke Dimattina, second with Eden Kew, third with Nathan Pavey, and two Honorable mentions to Ryu Homberger and Ziggy de Brincat. Well done to all who participated and congratulations to our winners.



Amazing image of Luke, taken by Belinda Strodder

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