Starting at a new school is always difficult, but camp really helped me settle in. In only 3 days, I met so many new people and made lots of friends in different year levels. 

The weather forecast for the week was a bit disheartening, but we didn’t let it get the best of us. We still had tons of fun doing the beach and water activities - my personal favourite was kayaking. We learnt so much about marine life and climate change when the scientists from the Dolphin Research Institute spoke to us, and we found many interesting creatures in the rock pools on the beach. The staff at Lord Somers were so welcoming and kind to us. It was really nice to relax and have fun with the teachers too! The food was delicious, especially the lasagna and the breakfasts. We also played Quidditch, did stand up paddle boarding and team building activities. Another one of my highlights was when we did Red Faces. It was super entertaining and there were so many talented acts!

It was so lovely to start the year off with camp. All the activities were so fun and I loved meeting new people.

I can’t wait for next year!

- Madeleine (YR 8)

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