This is the fifth year of the SHAW program where a variety of presenters are booked to assist and inform our students on how they can improve their health and wellbeing.

This year I am very pleased to introduce our Keynote Speaker: The Honourable Judge Amanda Chambers

Her Honour, Judge Amanda Chambers was appointed to the County Court of Victoria and President of the Children’s Court of Victoria on 9 June 2015. Prior to these appointments, Judge Chambers served as a Magistrate of the State of Victoria for over eight years and was Supervising Magistrate of the Sexual Offences List for the past three years. She will be discussing a variety of topics from resilience, good decision making and consent, amongst other topics very relevant to young people today. We are grateful for having the opportunity to share her story and expertise.

This year we had 13 other speakers, presenters and facilitators to share their knowledge and skills with the students. These included:

Juggler - Robbie Curtis
Yoga - Lanie Tobias
Bush Dancing - Cyril Moran
Elevate (Time Management) - James Padley
Spin Chat - (wheelchair) - Paul Mariager
Elevate (Study Sensai) - Gordie Ryan
Martial Arts - Con Lazos and Syasya Rapawi
Reach Program - Alishia and Jimmy
Sexual Decision making - Anne Atcheson
Road Smart - Petra Glieson
Family Planning, Safe sex, STIs, contraception - Andrea Carydias
Batyr Mental Health - Nick, Michelle, Tharindu, Tanisha, Vera and Adrian
Friday guest speaker - Saad Saad Akassab

In addition we also welcomed back some Alumni to work with current students.

Theatre Arts: Sarah Palmieri, Kaitlyn Elliot and Joe Kenny
Visual Arts: Emma Hakansson
Music: Louisa Breen
Dance: Eli Cooper

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