LATEST Success in the ‘Prix de Lausanne’ | 09.11.2018

Success in the ‘Prix de Lausanne’

VCA Secondary School – Success in the ‘Prix de Lausanne’

Not one but two students have been accepted into this – the most prestigious dance competition on the planet – follow the link below to learn more.

Dancers from all over the world audition by video – only a few are chosen – this year 40 countries are represented.

This year Australia did extremely well with 9 fabulous dancers being successful – two of those dancers are from a State School in Melbourne – The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School.

The students will be training right through the January break with their classical ballet coach and ex Royal Ballet dancer Maggie Lorraine to be ready for the ‘Prix’ in early February. Maggie will accompany them to Lausanne as well as the Head of Dance Tim Storey.

Congratulations to Jade Mitchell and Samuel Winkler, Year 11 VCASS.

Australian dancers are up there with the best in the world! If you would like more infomation please contact VCASS.


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