LATEST TOP CLASS DANCE 2019 | 24.05.2019


Top Class Dance

On Thursday 21st February 2019 the Top Class Dance Performance took place at the Melbourne Recital Centre, Southbank. This performance was part of the VCAA’s Season of Excellence, showcasing the best performances from the VCE students of 2018 in VCE Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts and Media.

Two of our talented VCASS dancers showcased their excellent VCE Solos from 2018. In the 11am show Laura Marriott performed her skills solo, a dynamic and powerful piece that showed great attack and variation of shape. In the 1pm show Ronan Armstrong performed both his Skills and Composition Solo. Both solos were thoughtfully crafted, and displayed excellent manipulation of force and flow and wonderful speed and power in floor work. Congratulations to both students on their outstanding achievements in VCE Dance. 

William Carse Young Performers 2019 Awardee - Vocational Section
Blayke Sheean, 24th of February at Ministry of Dance


Georgia Swan - currently in rehearsals for Queensland Ballet’s Dangerous Liaisons.

Riley Fitzgerald - rehearsing Rafael Bonachela’s Cinco in his first year with Sydney Dance Company.

Nathan Pavey - commences rehearsals for Opera Australia and GWB Entertainment’s BB Group production of West Side Story.

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