LATEST P.R.C. CELEBRATION 2019 | 27.11.2019


2019 Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge Celebration @ VCASS.

On Friday the 22nd of November our year 7 and 8 students celebrated their love of reading and their participation in the 2019 Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge at a special morning tea. Many students were acknowledged with certificates, for meeting their personal reading challenges. It is wonderful to see so many of our students continuing to make time in their day to read: fostering a lifelong enjoyable pastime.

Lili Wilkinson, author of 12 books for young adults, spoke to our students about her passion for writing and how she cultivated ideas. Student comments on the celebration

  • I found Lili very captivating, as she used many examples, told miniature stories in her presentation, and was she explained everything clearly without boring the audience.
  • She was very passionate about rights, especially women’s, and I thought that was important. I also enjoyed winning one of her books :)
  • I really enjoyed the whole thing! I thought that she was so gripping and engaging, the whole time I was really engaged by what she was saying. I really enjoyed listening to her personal experiences when writing novels.
  • I enjoined her (Lili) talking about the ideas behind all of her books, and thought the way she makes stories out of everyday things is very fascinating.
  • I enjoyed how engaging she was, all the great information and writing tips that she provided, her energy and her storytelling
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