The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (VCASS) and the Tait Performing Arts Association (TPAA) are delighted to announce a joint agreement to benefit VCASS students who are continuing their training in the United Kingdom over the next few years.

VCASS is privileged to collaborate with the Tait Performing Arts Association in honouring the legacy of the Tait Brothers who contributed so much to the performing arts in Australia. We are excited and grateful to the TPAA for their generous support of our students. We are delighted to have this opportunity for our students to be supported and encouraged as they pursue their arts training in the UK and we look forward to watching them flourish on the international arts stage.” - Hilary Bland, Principal VCASS.

The Tait Performing Arts Association, is a not for profit incorporated association based in Melbourne and supports the same ideals as the Tait Memorial Trust which was formed 25 years ago in the UK by Isla Baring OBE and her mother Viola, Lady Tait in memory of her father, Sir Frank Tait and his four brothers.

The Trust offers grants/awards for postgraduate study and performance opportunities for young artists in the UK. The Trust has helped many young singers, dancers and instrumentalists who have subsequently performed with British orchestras in leading opera houses and concert halls around the world.

Isla Baring, President of the TPAA, is delighted with the new relationship and is looking forward to congratulating and greeting the successful awardees in London. “We proudly support young performing artists from Australia and New Zealand and we are so inspired by the work you do at VCASS. It is a pleasure to create an award to help a young person from VCASS to study in the UK, having gained a place in one of the prestigious music colleges in the UK. Thank you for welcoming the Tait Performing Arts Association. I know this is a collaboration we can build on”. - Isla Baring, President of the TPAA

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