Year 11 Theatre Arts Production 2019

18-19-20 November 2019

Southbank Theatre, The Lawler

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This is Now is a short season of contemporary Australian plays that explore issues as diverse
as grief, family dysfunction, recreational drug use, change and growing up, friendship,
power, prejudice and othering and hope. Always challenging, occasionally provocative,
intermittently amusing and disconcerting, these plays collectively form a suite that invites
the viewer to consider the world from the perspective of Australia’s young people.

X-Stacy Synopsis - Monday: 18-11-19

X-Stacy was commissioned by the Queensland government in response to dangerously
casual attitudes to the use and risks of recreational drugs among young people. The play
sketches the descent of Stacy into a world of lies, increasing reliance on illicit drugs and
diminishing rationality. Her story, told in a series of flashbacks, provides the narrative spine
for the play’s real concern: what happens to the people left behind when someone dies
from an overdose? Margery Forde’s play is a confronting journey into a family trying to find
a way forward in the face of personal tragedy. Values are challenged, friendships
established, illusions destroyed and assumptions about the pursuit of happiness through
drug use questioned. Biting, blunt and confronting, ultimately X-Stacy holds out the promise
of hope, redemption and reconciliation.

Seventeen Synopsis - Tuesday 19-11-19

Seventeen by playwright Matthew Whittet focuses on the lives of six teenagers celebrating
the last day of secondary school by partying all night in a local playground. As the level of
alcohol consumption rises so do the issues that have been submerged in the lives of these
young people. Love will go unrequited, friendships will be redefined and life will be forever
changed by the events of that night. For Mike, his little sister Lizzy, Sue, Edwina, Ronnie and
Tom the future seems a dangerously uncertain place; exhilarating and sad, scorching and
beautiful. Each character must acknowledge their past and come to terms with their
disappointments; accept the possibilities of the life before them and the potential that is
encapsulated in a singular sunrise that speaks of a new world waiting to be embraced.

Normal Synopsis - Wednesday 20-11-19

Based on real events in a small town in the United States, Normal explores the link between
disenfranchisement and hysteria. Poppy Williams is a healthy, highly intelligent teenager
whose life is unsurprisingly defined by her friends, school, her single parent and social
media. All that starts to change when Poppy develops tics and seizures that resemble the
symptoms of Tourette Syndrome. Initially experiencing pity and a measure of sympathy
from her friends and wider community, everything undergoes a seismic reorientation when
other members of Poppy’s peer group begin to display similar symptoms. Poppy’s shift
from victim to vector highlights her powerlessness at the hands of the adults who control
the world around her. Katie Pollock’s play explores what it is to be ‘other’ in a community
that manipulates truth to maintain a social norm that is corrupt and self-serving at its core.

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