Our Music and Dance Major Seasons are an amazing reminder of why we do what we do at VCASS. Both full of skill, passion and joy.

To James Le Fevre and the Music team, thank you for your programming, rehearsals, conducting and operations. The logistics involved in a concert like we witnessed are enormous. Our students were given a marvelous opportunity to be involved in two world premieres. (move this line to this paragraph).

There are plenty of challenges involved in putting together over 2 hours of dance with almost 100 students across years 7- 12. It is obvious to all who have seen the show that these challenges were overcome, and our Dance staff, led by Steven McTaggart, worked together to create and produce such a wonderful program.

Thank you to all of the support staff and behind the scenes gurus who contributed to getting our school ready and the show produced. In addition, it was lovely to have our Theatre Arts students in the season and musicians providing pre-show entertainment as well as art work displayed in the cafe to add to the event ambience.

If you have not had a chance to read the program notes from each Season, please do so. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who was involved!

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