The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School provides a nationally and internationally recognised specialist program for the training of talented young dancers, musicians, theatre and visual artists

Integral to this program is the provision of a high quality academic education that is also offered to other elite training organisations. Within our school community, students will be encouraged to develop a passion for learning and a sense of respect for themselves and others.

We believe that children benefit from close association with similarly gifted children who provide the stimulus of competition and example:

  • by having access to an extended teaching day and to practice, classroom and studio facilities within the environment of the school
  • school organisation can take account of the individual requirements of the pupil and the need for orchestras, choirs, exhibitions and performances to be integrated with other parts of the school curriculum
  • distinguished practitioners can be attracted to teach and/or take master classes and mentor students

The school is committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment that recognises and caters for the different academic, artistic, cultural, health and pastoral needs of students.

Hilary Bland, Principal


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