The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School provides a nationally and internationally recognised specialist program for the training of talented young musicians


The Victorian College of Arts Secondary School is amongst this country's finest music schools. It is a collaboration of like-minded teachers and students working to a common goal.

Students bring energy and passion as well as their musical talent. They are driven to achieve their best as well as work collaboratively with their peers.

The music staff is an outstanding group of educators. They are part of the leading music faculty in the country.

The music program is diverse. Most importantly the music program is constantly evolving.

The music program covers chamber music, orchestra, big band, choirs, composition, aural training, analysis, historical context, performance class, instrumental lessons, and accompanist tutorials.

VCASS is dynamic and energetic. We all share a love of music.

Students leave VCASS and overwhelmingly go on to study music.

Former VCASS students abound in the industry. They hold positions in leading orchestras. They are international soloists, recording artists, conductors, chamber players, festival directors and teachers. They are composers, rock players, jazz players, arrangers and more.

VCASS is located in Southbank at the heart of the Arts precinct of Melbourne.

It is a privilege to be a part of this dynamic school.



The music program is designed to provide young musicians with a comprehensive education to develop their abilities to the highest level.

In the music program, students receive 1/1 individual lessons on their principal instrument. Additionally, after their first year at VCASS, students have an opportunity to apply to learn a second instrument.

All students participate in Performance Seminar. To develop their aural and theoretical skills, all students participate in choir and attend musicianship classes

Music analysis and composition is studied at all levels, and music technology is incorporated in these studies.

Chamber Music is a vital area of music training. Both senior and junior students participate in dedicated, tutored ensemble sessions each week.


School Performances

VCASS students are provided with many performance opportunities both within the school and at outside concerts. Underpinning these opportunities is the weekly performance seminar. At certain times during the semester, instrument specific masterclasses are run alongside the performance classes. As part of their VCE performance studies, senior students are given an opportunity to perform in concert series held in public venues. These include: Lunch Time Classics (Deakin Edge), The Austral Salon (East Melbourne), Pre Concert Music (Melbourne Recital Centre), and other venues. 



Students participate in large and small ensembles, and chamber groups tailored to individual talents of the students. Senior students are required to participate in one chamber ensemble that is assessed as one person per part. In Semester 1, Junior Students participate in one tutored chamber ensemble. In Semester 2, they are tutored in preparing and conducting their own composition for performance at the end of year Junior Performance Season.


Choir and Musicianship

All students at VCASS sing! VCASS prides itself on being a vibrant singing community. Both Junior and Senior Choirs regularly commission and premiere Australian works. Choir is the only activity where all VCASS music students unite and share their combined talents in one vibrant ensemble. Chamber Choir is a selected voice ensemble that performs regularly outside the school and garners much praise for its artistic achievements.  

All students receive thorough and comprehensive training in aural and theory skills. These courses help develop fluency and literacy in music as well as giving students a much greater and deeper knowledge and understanding of their performance studies, both solo and ensemble.

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james le fevre | head of music

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For the past 15 years James Le Fevre has been sharing his passion and enthusiasm for music education with students and colleagues from around the country across the Independent, Catholic and State School systems. He was recently appointed as Head of Music at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School having served as The Arts Learning Area Leader and also Director of Bands at Our Lady of Sion College prior to this. As an active member of the music community James performs regularly across a wide range of genres and is forging a reputation as an engaging presenter and conductor. He proudly serves as the Immediate Past National President and as a Victorian Committee member of the Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association.
James holds a Bachelor of Music with Honours from the Australian National University majoring in Jazz Saxophone, and education qualifications from Monash University. In 2016 James completed studies in Education Leadership on scholarship to the Expert and Leading Teachers Colloquium through the National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative.

James Le Fevre commenced as Head of Music at VCASS in Term 4 2018.


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