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Theatre artists are an essential part of any society, as they reflect and comment upon that society in the most fundamental ways


Theatre is an art form that brings people together to celebrate, challenge and provoke through the telling of stories.  Theatre is both an escape and a moment of intersection between people.  It is a process of transformation where human experience becomes the unique moment that constitutes dramatic performance.

The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School recognizes the importance of theatre artists and of their role within society.  It is committed to the nurturing and development of talented and educated students who can effectively and creatively enrich our lives.

In pursuing the goals of developing the theatre arts and artists, the school believes that it must educate and produce graduates who are willing and ready to pursue the option of developing a career in the theatre arts regardless of social and economic circumstances.

The theatre arts course provides an intensive two-year program that guides and mentor’s students, providing them with access to actors, theatre makers and associated industry professionals.

The vocational training is to be taught within a broad educational framework, which encourages and enables students to engage in an informed and meaningful way with a rapidly changing world.

The school seeks to recognize, develop and foster the unique talent of each student.



The Theatre Arts  extension Program was established for Year 11 and 12 students to provide focused and concentrated opportunities for them to learn about the theatre arts within a community of like-minded peers.  The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School is located in the heart of Melbourne’s Arts Precinct and is a short walk from Melbourne’s most significant performing arts and cultural organizations.

One to one teaching is a key part of the Theatre Arts Program, students have opportunities to learn about theatre art practices that encourage ambitious and exciting outcomes.

An essential part of the Theatre Arts Program is the chance for students to undertake broad experiences. Regular performances and learning throughout the year attribute to the powerful and rapid development of each student’s art practice. These opportunities seek to support them in developing their professional approach to presenting their work and understanding the stages of theatre design and development.

Partnerships with key cultural organizations alongside the promotion of student engagement with the wider arts community is integral to student learning within the Theatre Arts Program. Students visit performances spaces weekly to develop an expanded understanding of contemporary art practices and historical traditions in art.

A full Academic Program in addition to the Theatre Arts  extension Program ensures each student achieves a comprehensive VCE education.

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Chris Button has been teaching in Victorian state schools for more than thirty years.  Having attended ANU and Victoria College (Rusden) where he completed a B.Ed (Language and Literature), Chris taught in schools located in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.  From the 1990s onward Chris’s focus shifted towards arts education, establishing Drama and Theatre courses in two schools.  Prior to taking up his position at VCASS, Chris was leading teacher responsible for the performing arts at Mill Park secondary college.  During this period, Chris was Victorian co-ordinator of the National Youth Shakespeare Festival and in 2003 he was recognized by the Globe Centre Australia (Sydney University) as an outstanding teacher of Shakespeare in performance.

Chris has performed with a number of independent acting companies, taught acting and stagecraft with the Actor’s Showcase theatre school and completed studies in direction, sound engineering and lighting design and operation.  Chris has worked as a musician and accompanist and still works regularly as a stage manager for both theatrical and dance performance.

Chris is currently senior Literature teacher and Head of Theatre Arts, a new course for VCASS developed in collaboration with Goran Banyai and other arts educators and performers.

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