LATEST 2024 WYUNA CAMP | 27.03.2024


Marking the end of summer and making the most of the extra ‘leap day’, the VCASS junior school headed off to Queenscliff for camp. Students engaged in a range of activities over the three days which saw students problem solving, canoeing, boogie boarding and making wood fire pizzas from scratch. As always the evening activities were a fantastic way for students to bond and try new things. While the year 7s were team building with games like ‘salad bowl’, the year 8s learnt the subtle art of making and manipulating bunraku puppets, all the while, the year 9s turned up the volume with a Jamaican dancehall party. Beyond the adventures and engaging activities, the camp provided a great opportunity for students and staff to connect outside the classroom. A great way to start the year!

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