VCASS students performed at the Atheneum Club on Friday 8 April.  
Jamie, Xavier and Ethan all performed beautifully in their solo items and there were audible gasps of awe at certain points throughout the performances. Due to illness, the string quartet had become a string trio at rather late notice, but these excellent students put together a Schubert String trio in a week and ended the performance with aplomb! 
Situations such as this provide an excellent learning opportunity for the students. Fine dining is a rather new experience for some of them, for instance, how not to dig into the cheese and crackers before the main course, how to politely eat a bread roll, and of course, how to chat appropriately to a range of different people. 
All three students managed to impress with their articulate introductions, including Jamie's expression of appreciation regarding the loan viola he uses. As always, there was considerable praise for the overal maturity and professionalism demonstrated by the students.
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