We farewell Mary Jo Kelly (ex Assistant Head of Music and Acting Head of Music) from VCASS this week. 
We thank Maryjo for all she has done for so many students over so many years, and we are delighted to name the VCASS recording studio in her honor, the Kelly Studio.
Mary Jo shares her farewell message to the community below:

Farewell to VCASS  

It is hard to say goodbye to a place that has been such a big part of my life for the past 23 years. It has been an extraordinary privilege to work in such a unique Arts environment.

The Arts matter and never more so than now. Art nourishes, challenges, and keeps us in touch with our humanity. I applaud our young people who train so hard and pour their heart and soul into their artistic endeavours. I have followed the trajectories of so many of them, delighting in their professional successes and knowing that even those who change careers keep the power within them of being able to touch people’s emotions.

I am indebted to the School Council for green lighting the Music Industry course, including the Year 10 Recording Project, and co-initiatives such as our interstate music tours. I feel immensely humbled to have the Recording Studio named after me. For this honour, I am incredibly grateful.

I want to pay tribute to my exceptionally talented music colleagues. Their care for the students, openness to collaboration and continual striving for best practice never ceases to inspire. These characteristics are also mirrored in the other disciplines of Dance, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts and Academic, where I witness, time and time again, the same dedication to the training, teaching, and the well-being of our young people.

I deeply thank the school leadership team headed by our Principal, Hilary Bland for their constant support and guidance.

Nothing captures the spirit more of this school than the end of the year student run Creative Projects. Underpinned by their excellent training, the students’ creative talent is unleashed resulting in truly remarkable performances across all four disciplines. 2023 was no exception.

Thank you to every student who I have been involved with at VCASS. You have brought me such joy. All the best to the current and future students. Make the most of your time in this special place.

To the entire VCASS community, thank you and farewell. 

- Mary Jo Kelly


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