VCASS is pleased to share the following announcement from Anne Butler about student Joshua Ballinger. He is the awardee of the Valrene Tweedie Scholarship of $10,000. The panel consisted of David McAllister A.M, Marilyn Jones M.B.E, Lee Warren, Margaret Illmann, and Juliet Burnett. VCASS celebrates and acknowledges this achievement in Joshua's life. 

Joshua’s aim in life is to be the best dancer he can and has a strong desire to dance with The Australian Ballet. He is also a very well-rounded person, loves his family and the surf, being a lifeguard between tendus. Joshua’s dedication to Dance and his school life is on constant display, he travels from Ballarat to Southbank every day to attend VCASS and also on Saturdays with his Cecchetti studies. He is currently studying for the highest international achievement "Enrico Cecchetti Diploma".

VCASS is proud that former recipients of the Valerene Tweedie Scholarship have been VCASS Alumni Georgia Swan, Rebecca Blenkinsop, Lily Minchenko, and now Joshua. With entrants from all over Australia, this is a statement to the great training at VCASS.

To learn more about the The Valrene Tweedie Scholarship Fund, click here.




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