Our year 10 once again took to the stage to perform thier own work with their creative project, Duplexity. Molly Hughes, Alicia Wong and Xavier Gibson worked together to direct a full program with a cast from Year 7-10. 

'The rehearsal process has been made so much easier by the eagerness of the talented juniors, whether it’s from change room conversations or meetings, the juniors skills and positive attitude is most prevalent in their dance training. It has been an incredible experience directing this production and we are honoured to present a show that is a reflection of the diverse Year 10 cohort. This exciting group has often been a topic of discussion, being a larger group of individuals, the stereotypical teenage angst comes in bucket loads. Thanks to the wonderful opportunities that VCASS offers, our energy has been channelled and focused towards developing as dancers.
Creating Duplexity together has been the most wonderful experience and we hope it’s just as enjoyable to watch.'

- Molly Hughes | Artistic Director

View/Download the Duplexity Program here

You can still stream the piece On Demand at VCASS Presents


At the same time our year 11 students worked equally hard to create and perform their project Ukiyo. Directed by Braelan Newman, Kate Montgomery and Bridget Stackpole. 

Our project’s title Ukiyo (Floating World) is a Japanese word that can be defined as living in the moment. As a collective, we believe that this word expresses how we have felt when creating this season. We have enjoyed purely living in the moment in our individual creative journeys, not focusing on the past and not obsessing over what is to come in the future. We are grateful for what we are doing at this moment and the journey we are on. Throughout the creative project, we each have learned and experienced so many things such as creating our own pieces on our peers, styling our dancers in costumes, plotting lights, and finding music that is perfect to express our ideas. I would like to thank Kate Montgomery for all her assistance and support through the project as assistant director and Bridget Stackpole for creating the videos shown throughout the performances and for her work in designing the program. I would also like to thank Producer Sela Kiek-Callan for her guidance and ongoing support in developing this creative project. To Fiona Munroe, thank you for providing us with costumes. Dylan Breninger, we thank you for helping to bring our creative ideas for the program to life and Tom Backhaus, thanks for bringing our lighting designs to the stage and for your technical production of this project. Thanks to Steven McTaggart and the dance staff who have guided, supported and supervised us throughout the creation of this project. And a final thank you and congratulations to all of the VCASS year 11 dance students.

- Braelan Newman | Artistic Director

View/Download the Ukiyo Program here

You can still stream the piece On Demand at VCASS Presents

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