We have an outstanding School Council, committed parents, community members and teachers who work together for the benefit of students

The School Council 2021


President - Louise Baker
Vice President - Rebe Taylor
Treasurer - Tim Richardson
Principal - Hilary Bland
Finance Sub Committee

Tim Richardson 
Stacy Mitchell
Michael Sargeant
James Rust  
Council Members

Andrew Bleby
Caroline Almonte
Donatella Mannolini
Helen Cadzow
James Rust
Tony Eardley
Nathan Edwards

Student Members

Felix Milewski

The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School Council works with the Principal to oversee governance of the school according to the School Accountability and Improvement Framework. This involves overseeing the development of a School Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan, evaluation and reporting on progress, managing risk and conducting specialist reviews when required. Council’s Standing Orders specify that Council Members may be staff, parents or people co-opted for their insight and expertise. More than one-third of elected members must be parents, emphasising the importance of parental involvement and insights in shaping the direction of the school. School council elections are held in February or March each year and ballots are held only if more people nominate as candidates than there are vacancies. 

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