Tuesday 27 August @ 7:30pm 

Melbourne Recital Centre | 31 Sturt St, Southbank Victoria

Epitomising excellence, our annual Melbourne Recital Centre Concert features every VCASS Musician in an evening of exquisite music making. This event is the highlight of our music calendar and is eagerly anticipated by our students, staff, and music lovers alike.

This concert is a celebration of the talent, dedication, and hard work of every VCASS musician, from our youngest students in Year 7 to our accomplished seniors in Year 12.

The Melbourne Recital Centre is one of the most prestigious music venues in Australia and provides the perfect opportunity for our students to perform on a professional stage. The acoustics of the venue are superb, allowing the richness and beauty of our students’ performances to shine through, creating a magical musical experience for everyone in attendance. This is one of the biggest nights on our calendar and definitely one not to be missed! 


Audience tickets will available for purchase through www.melbournerecital.com.au when available.

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