Guest teachers in Dance term 1 2024

VCASS Dance is proud to highlight some of our guest teachers in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary who have been working with our students. We are grateful for the support by VCASS in providing these exciting opportunities for its students and staff.

Guest teachers add to the wealth of dance practice in our curriculum by bringing their unique professional knowledge of performance, choreography and teaching into our studios.

They build our love of the artform by encouraging curiosity about different styles, experiences and practices; exposing us to knowledge of various career pathways and inspiring students to continue to develop their skills and expertise.

Our guests this term have been;

Arianna Marchiori: Ballet Elective for years 10, 11 and 12

Originally trained in Veneto -Italy, Ariannna went on to train with Boston and San Francisco Ballet. She then worked as a soloist and principal across Europe and America, including San Francisco Ballet, Dortmund Ballet and English National Ballet. She recently moved to Melbourne and is continuing to pursue her performing, arts management and teaching interests. She brings much vivacity to her classes and encourages students to emphasise technical precision while presenting fluency and musicality in their phrases. 

Etienne Khoo: Hip-Hop Jazz Elective - Years 10/11/12

Etienne is an expert practitioner of Hip-hop with years of performing, teaching and choreography under his belt. His classes have been exciting and challenging for the students, developing their ability to adapt to his style of  speed and accuracy while communicating a story through their performance. Look out for his work on the Jazz Elective students in our upcoming season “Eidos”.

Jane Casson: Ballet - Years 8/9, 10/11

A senior artist with the Australian Ballet, Jane exemplified charisma, character and exuberance in her performing career, coupled with exacting technical skills. Her classes bring this fearlessness and confidence to her work for our students,  emphasising vigour, risk-taking and the joy of performing through control of technique.

Jareen Wee: Contemporary - Years 10/11/12

A VCASS alumni, Jareen graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance before embarking on a freelance career, developing her love of choreography, performing, and teaching. Working for authentic and independent exploration of movement, underpins much of her work. This degree of attention to task, challenges the students to discover greater sensitivity and full body engagement with their movement, and to become present and original in all their execution. 

Paul Knobloch: Guest Choreographer - Major Season

Paul was Senior artist with the Australian Ballet and after retiring continued to work in the company as artistic staff, in teaching, rehearsal direction, choreography and administration. His work with our students brings speed and detail to rehearsal practice, and his fluent and complex work is exciting and beautiful to experience. We look forward to sharing his work with you later in the year.

Rachel Rawlins: Guest Choreographer - Major Season

Rachel danced as a First Soloist with the Royal Ballet and then as Principal Dancer with the Australian Ballet before retiring in Melbourne and nurturing her teaching and choreographic interests. She brings a wealth of experience to our studios and in creating work for our Junior year levels, is challenging and extending our students through her creative process and vision for their performance. It is exciting to bring a guest in for these junior year levels and we look forward to their experiences and growth.

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