Coming to the end of the year, it is a great time to celebrate the academic achievements of our junior school students! 
Our year 7 and 8 competed in the Alliance Francaise Poetry Competition, where students prepared and recited a poem in French. Across both year levels, the VCASS team had great success with many students receiving an 'Excellent' commendation and a number were awarded with the 'Brilliant' commendation as finalists.
From the mathematics sphere, a big congratulations to the VCASS 2021 year 7 and 8 team for completing the 2021 Australian Problem Solving Maths Olympiad (APSMO). This was a nationwide competition with more than 70,000 participants and we had an impressive performance from our VCASS team.
Well done to all of our participants, Yiqing Cao, Sophie Cowell, Oscar Edwards, Ji Hun Hwang, Lazaras Lewis, Zoe Muscat, Reily Wang and Jocelyn Wee Ching Wen.
Congratulations to Haoqing Liu who achieved in the top 25% and David Jones-Lerdprakun in the top 20%.
Last but not least, a massive congratulations to Raistlin Chan and Mark Hartland Van Driel who both achieved in the top 10% of the competition.
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