How wonderful to be able to celebrate the end of the year with some fun social time at Luna Park Melbourne. You can read some student responses to the day below.

“It was my very first time going to Luna Park and I loved it! This experience was amazing and it was definitely one to remember. The ride that I found the scariest was the Scissors ride and it flung you upside down. The Scenic railway was wonderful it was a 109 year old ride and the view was very memorable. The 50,000 lights ride was breathtaking the view on that ride was amazing, you could see and smell the beach. I truly loved it and I will definitely go again!” - Cecilia, Year 7.


“I could not think of a better way to end the school year than a trip to Luna Park. From the moment we neared the park's famous entrance, we could smell the sea breeze from St. Kilda’s beach. All of my friends loved this special excursion. There were so many wonderful attractions packed into this amazing location and they made sure to sit on as many rides as they could throughout the day. 

My favourite attraction was the scenic railway, one of the oldest roller coasters in the world, first opened in 1912. My friends enjoyed ‘the pharaoh’s curse’, a vertical loop ride, offering magnificent views of the bay while being upside down. I sat on the 20m high Sky Rider Ferris wheel, offering the same sublime views while being the right side up. Some other rides my friends enjoyed were the Enterprise and the SuperNova, which rises 32 metres into the sky and offers panoramic views of the entire city.

Even though we came out of Lunar park exhausted from a long day running around and experiencing the thrills of roller coasters once more, I can only recount the fun we had as a climactic conclusion to our school year. I would like to thank all the teachers who made this event possible and I look forward to the next year of VCASS.” - Raistlin, Year 8.

 “Our Luna Park experience was filled with thrilling rides and lots of smiles. This excursion gave everyone a chance to relax after some busy weeks, as well as celebrate the year that is coming to a close. As my hair blew into my friend’s face whilst dangling upside down, the tension of the year fell away. Lots of screaming and mountains of fairy floss later, this memorable day came to an end. Throughout the years to come at VCASS, I will forever cherish this experience.” - Blythe, Year 9.

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