After a rollercoaster of a year in 2020, the VCASS community as a whole has realised the true importance of not only personal wellbeing but also the environment. 

This year in my role of wellbeing captain I worked in close relations to wellbeing teacher’s, Laine and Miss Greskie to help coordinate events throughout the year. As we’re coming to the end of semester one, let’s recap on some of the highlights of the achievements our wellbeing team has accomplished in Term 2!

Term 2, began with a special guest speaker who came talk with our cohort, Susan McLean, from Cyber Safety Solutions, to start off our school’s wellbeing program on consent education and sexual safety. Susan has vast knowledge and expertise in Cyber Safety Solutions due to her background as a Victorian police officer. She is often referred to as ‘cyber cop’ and has had a large involvement in the Victoria Police Cyber Safety Project

As Art students and soon to be artists we may ultimatley find ourselves being in the public eye, as such, we learnt about how to create a safe presence online, precautions and helpful tips on how to maintain cleanliness on our personal/public social media.

The year 10 to 12's were given some extra advice on safety measures to take when dealing with receiving unsolicited photos, consent online, and how to keep safe from predators. All of this knowledge is key information to begin our wellbeing class program on consent education and sexual safety for years 7 to 12.

Finally, in week 6 of the term, myself and four other participants, throughout our year 12 cohort + year 7, were brave enough to shave our heads for the World’s Greatest Shave, raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation. A day of superhero dress ups, a crazy amount of support and a total collection of over $4400, the five of us took our seats in Studio 1 at school to buzz it all off, in front of friends and family. We again have to thank everyone for the generous donations and the support we all received.

Thank you to the wellbeing team and leadership for an amazing end to semester 1! Term 3, here we come!

Zuzanna Teresa Wiech, Wellbeing captain 2021

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