Despite dealing with further uncertainties during the first half of 2021 VCASS has successfully produced and performed a full program. It's so good to be back! Feel free to browse the gallery above and view our Semester One programs below.

Term One began with our first performance in almost a year, a classic MUSIC | Lunchtime Concert #1 on 25 March. Music students while rather nervous, were also excited to perform, many for the first time at VCASS. Since then students have performed at two other Lunchtime Concerts, #2 and #3 on 17 June and 24 June, respectively with three more Lunchtime Concerts scheduled later in Semester Two.

Dance began its year with the DANCE | Term One Performances, first up we had the Juniors on 30 March then the Seniors followed on 31 March. Dance students were thrilled to be able to perform on site and on our streaming platform.

Juniors Term One Performance Program.


Seniors Term One Performance Program.

Theatre Arts were up next in April with an original musical number devised by the VCASS Year 12 Theatre Arts students under the direction of Ross Hannaford. THEATRE ARTS | Fess Up! What a difference a day can make. This piece explored 24 hours with a group of young adults as they brave a day that could change their lives forever. Ross and the students began with ideas surrounding bravery, not only courageous acts usually associated with the theme but also more subtle ideas like the courage it takes to hold space for someone, or the mettle needed to stand up for yourself. The students devised five vignettes, all very evocative and unique in their own way.

Fess Up! Program.

In May, our Year 7-12 vocal Music students performed in two concerts on the 4th and 5th. MUSIC | Vocal Concerts. 

Vocal Concert #1 Program. 

Vocal Concert #2 Program.

Hot on the heels of the vocalists our Year 11 music students stepped into the spot light for two MUSIC | Year 11 Solos Concerts on the 12th and the 13th. 

Solos Concert #1 Program.

Solos Concert #2 Program.

Our academic Drama students performed an updated rendition of Dags by Debra Oswald on 19 May. The play follows Gillian through the trials of acne, a less than supportive collection of peers, an irrational 'crush' and an insatiable love of chocolate. Performed at the Lawler Theatre in Southbank.

Dags Program.

Our Music students were back yet again the very next day 20 May, to perform our much anticipated MUSIC | May Ensembles Concert, our pinnacle performance of Semester One. All music students at VCASS took to the stage presenting repertoire developed over Term One and Two as part of our Large Ensembles Program which includes the VCASS Wind Symphony, Junior and Senior Strings, Chamber Choir, and Junior and Senior Choir.

May Ensembles Program.

In the final week of May our Senior Dance students returned to the stage to perform their outstanding moves on the 25th. DANCE | Leaps and Bounds was an exciting journey of Contemporary, Tap, Acrobatics, Jazz and World Dance that enchanted and excited all who were lucky enough to see it. They were followed more recently by the Junior Dancers on the 22nd of June. 

Senior Leaps and Bounds Program.

Junior Leaps and Bounds Program.

As if May was not already a full month of performances, June came with even more. We began the month with our 2nd MUSIC | Lunchtime Concert #2 on 17 June. The following Monday and Tuesday, 21 and 22 June saw our Year 12 Theatre Arts students take to the stage to perform THEATRE ARTS | Almost, Maine by John Cariani. America's most performed play in the last ten years, it provided a snapshot of the lives of nine couples on one magical frozen Friday night in a town called Almost.

Almost, Maine Program.

Our talented Year 12 artists were up next with their mid year exhibition VISUAL ARTS | A Few Great Cowboys Trying Their Best. Held over three days in the VCA Art Space just down the road from VCASS, from 22 - 24 June. The exhibition is a great way to see what our student artists have been up to in Semester One. The exhibition has been captured using a 360 photographic camera and will soon be available to view online, keep your eyes open for that!

We come to the end of 2021 first semester with two final concerts. One more MUSIC | Lunchtime Concert #3 and our much anticipated MUSIC | WINTER JAZZ. It grooves. It swings. It swoons. It sings. Featuring the VCASS Big Band, Senior and Junior Jazz Combo’s, augmented by performances by senior soloists, Winter Jazz is always an event not to be missed! 

Winter Jazz Program.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our students perform again after so much disruption. We know they have enjoyed performing for you, family and friends alike. If you are not aware please note that VCASS is now streaming many of its performances, some for free!

In order to view a streamed VCASS event you must first register with our streaming platform. Register Now

Once you have registered you can access all our streamed events. VCASS Presents

All of us at VCASS wish you and our students a restful and well deserved mid year break. See you next term for more exciting VCASS performances.

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